District Administration Pulwama gives a 07 day deadline for cutting of Russian Poplar trees, Non compliance shall invite penal action

Pulwama , April 04, Deputy Commissioner Pulwama Dr Raghav Langer directed to axe all Russian species female poplar trees within seven days as its pollen creates influenza like infections which may create unnecessary panic among the general public amid COVID-19 pandemic.

DC Pulwama said in view of the situation arisen due to spread of COV1D-19, it has become imperative to take further preventive measures by way of felling down of Russian Female Poplar Trees as the pollen creates influenza like infections which may create unnecessary panic among the general public.

He directed the general public to axe the female poplar Trees standing in their proprietary land and any other land under their occupation within a period of 7 days and warned of strict action for non compliance.

Deputy Commissioner said if the public failed to axe the trees then District Administration shall axe the trees by mobilizing the manpower of Forest, Social Forestry and Revenue Department and the proceeds obtained from the auctions of the trees shall be deposited in the Government Treasury after deducting expenses incurred on the exercise.

DC directed concerned Tehsildars to ensure compliance of order with regard to removal of the poplars of Russian species in the District. He said that need of chopping the Russian poplars is imperative in view of prevailing situation emerged by Covid 19 as pollen seeds shed from poplars can cause havoc in the days to come amid spike in corona virus.

He said the Russian Female Poplar Trees standing in government departments including Forest, State land and Kacharie land shall be felled down by the concerned District Officers and Tehsildars within a period of 07 days. “Any violation of the instructions may invite penal action also under Disaster Management Act, 2005,” the order reads.

He also directed the Tehsildars to take steps in consultation with Police, Forest and Social Forestry Department to implement the order in letter and spirit.

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