LG administration is snatching the livelihood of common Kashmiri :Adv Basheer Dar Ex MLA Kupwara

LG administration is hell bent upon snatching the livelihood of common Kashmiris and draining away the economic resources like East India company..In a recent bizzare violation,the Deptt of Geo.& Mining has floated some tenders during lockdown period,when everybody was fighting against Covid19.And to utter surprise,in our district kupwara the Administration has violated all the rules and regulations.In our district, Contract b/w Lease holders and Deptt was agreed in 2017 for a period of 5 years.And now wth the opening of new tenders, those who hv invested a huge amount of money in ths sector hv been pushed towards Starvation.Although the Lease holders hv approached the Court for some sort of relief but Govt seems to be in a hurry by floating new tenders Wthout waiting for court decision..I request Div.Com and our district administration to kindly intervene and provide some relief to all those who r engaged with this sector presently as their families along with their children r in a state of depression by such muscular policies of state administration..

Adv Bashir Dar
Ex MLA Kupwara

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