Mir Junaid calls on the Defence Minsiter of India and discusses J&K ground situation:

New Delhi/ August 30: Jammu Kashmir Workers Party president Mir Junaid cal

led on the defence minister of India Shri Rajnath Singh and discussed the situation on ground in Jammu and Kashmir. In an hour long meeting Mir Junaid put forward the state of affairs in detail with regards to Jammu and Kashmir.

The defence minister of India assured Mir Junaid about the fulfilment of promises made in the parliament of India on 5th August, 2019. Mir showed his concerns about the security of Panchayati representatives and requested the defence minister to look into the matter.

Mir also put forward the concerns of the economic situation in the valley due to the lockdown and requested the defence minister to take up the issue in the cabinet meetings.

Mir also talked about the China situation with the defence minister and showed solidarity on behalf of Jammu and Kashmir with the defence forces fighting the enemy. Mir also presented an account of developments in the UT done by the Panchayati representatives and thanked the defence minister for the empowerment of the Panchayati raj institutions done by BJP government.

Rajnath Singh assured Mir Junaid of full support to the youth of Jammu and Kashmir and told him that the government wants to see the youth rise and change the long precarious situation of the Union Territory.

Rajnath Singh asked Mir Junaid to act as an ambassador of India for peace and prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir and continue the good work he has been doing for the unity and integrity of India.


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