Artistic Tales: Meet Ishfar Ali accomplished artist from Srinagar

Burhan Hussaini

Srinagar 18, Jan: Ishfar Ali hailing from Alamgari Bazar Zadibal Srinagar. He is an amazing artist trained in multiple art forms like Caligraphy, landscape painting, potraits, relistic works etc.

As we know each and every person has different hobbies and doing different things which gives them joy.

Ishfaq says that “Calligraphy connects me with God and it is highly respected in the Islamic world. He uses specific tools to create these pieces which may take a few days or months to finish depending upon the mood of the artist,”

He said that it was my passion from my schooldays. I have developed a close kinship with the Lettering and Calligraphy from a very young age. “I gravitated towards calligraphy six years ago and have not looked back. I create art with the strokes of my pen and it has sustained me both spiritually and financially.”

Possessing a collection of beautiful calligraphy canvasses that blend modern art with traditional style, Ishfaq comes from a background that has its roots in the art of papier-mâché. He graduated in Applied Arts from Institute of Music and Fine Arts, Kashmir University in the year 2006.

 He is deeply influenced by the works of the renowned Kashmiri artist Masood Hussain.

Being born and brought up at a place that is known for producing some of the finest crafts in the world, Ishfar hopes to give back to the society whatever he has imbibed from it.

QNS24×7 wishes you a bright and colourful future ahead. We hope you never give up. May the fireflies follow you where the butterflies do not. Go ahead and own the stage.


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