Zuhaib Fayaz published his Urdu poetry book “Afsaana-e-Shoriida

Burhan Hussainii

Srinagar, Jan 19: Zuhaib Fayaz a 3rd year B.Tech student hailing from Omer Colony-B, Lal Bazar, has recently published his maiden urdu poetry book titled “Afsaana e Shoriida”.

He district has divided the book into 4 parts which cover the topics of love, time before separation, the separation itself and some pieces about his personal ideology.

While Talking to Kashmir Bulletin (KB), he said that i am a computer geek at mind, my love for poetry started off pretty early. I have started writing since i was 14 years old, it was in my blood as my grandfather was a poet too. This is why i have set my takhallus (pen name) as the same as his grandfather’s i.e Aseer to pay homage to him. My genre of poetry revolves mainly around love and separation from beloved because of the influence on poets like Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib, Waseem Barelvi, Ahmad Faraz and many others.

“I have also written about how people misunderstand and carelessly throw around the word “love” and in what context is it usually used these days which is completely opposite of whe actually comprehended of it” , he said.

He further said that in his poetry he tried to describe how much importance one’s emotions and feelings has in a person’s overall life and how these things affect a person mentally and physically, be it a negative or a positive effect.

“The message I tried to convey to all those who have been through love and to all those who fought through it is that if you thinking of doing this courageous act, you should also be ready for the consequences and also take care of yourself during all that because some people don’t deserve the amount of care, love or appreciation you provide them considering that you are not keeping an eye on your own actions”, he said


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