Don’t trust everything you see and hear blindly: Suhail Yousuf Shah

Media of a country serves as the ear and eye of the country to the people of the nation. People believe what they see almost blindly without looking for the facts. And it’s the duty of the national media to make the people of the nation know the utmost truth and not keep anyone deprived from the facts.

But what happens when the National Media forged an image of a certain place. That’s what is happening with Kashmir. In India the national media have put forward the image of such a beautiful place in a heinous manner.

The only reason to do this is for gaining TRP on their channels or there is some kind of external pressure which forces them to do so in exchange of favours. The image of Kashmir is built as the place where there is no peace and sanity. A place full of terror and a place where one’s life is always at the risk.

Is it true?
Of Course not Kashmir is a beautiful place. It’s “Paradise on earth”. The place is surrounded by mountains and valleys covered with snow which is a pleasant sight to watch.

A Kashmir based journalist put forward his views on this.Suhail Yousuf Shah, 26 year youngster born in Kashmir is a freelance journalist. He believes in the concept of hard work, dedication and teamwork. He says journalism plays an influential role in creating an image of the nation in society.

He wants to convey this message to the maximum number of people that national media just provide a filtered image of Kashmir whatever maybe the cause. Ignoring this one should still visit Kashmir and have a piece of its beauty and culture and explore further.

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