The Birthday of JoyMir Ubaid

Everyone features a birthday, plus it might be assured that daily, somebody may be celebrating a birthday. Many people might hate celebrating birthdays, since it ensures that they are older than they formerly were, although some may embrace and enjoy birthdays, thinking that growing older, might also mean getting better.

Birthday wishes could be more meaningful, if the receiver was created to feel happier about finding older.The attitude and much more expectant that one can have about birthdays might depend on current or individual instances, for example age or status. While the older generation can have a preference for delaying the aging process, as it implies they are growing old, younger kids maybe less unhappy about birthday festivities. Nevertheless it is observed, birthdays are expected provided that you stay living, as well as the option may be produced about what may or must be finished with it.

Last year when my friend ‘chundi’ had a birthday, i had no knowledge of what to do and how to wish her as whole country was going through a bad phase of covid-19. Then one of the local Baker friend came to my rescue by preparing a birthday cake and delivering it to my residence. this year the same might happen and i actually am not allowed to do any kind of activity apart from wishing her on this beautiful day, as notified by her. So, i take this opportunity of wishing her on this beautiful day, “A very very happy birthday. May Almight give her more success and happiness in life-Ameen”.

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