Meet Israr Ahmed: Emerging young Entrepreneur from Pulwama

Mudasir Maqbool

Ever zealous and passionate about bettering society and daring to act for it, a young Kashmiri boy from Pampore Pulwama Mr Israr Ahmed is one of the most promising and emerging entrepreneurs from the area.

A remarkably distinct boy, Israr is conspicuous of his vision and motto is a Young entrepreneur breaking the glass ceiling at a young age

Mir Israr S/o Mohd Maqbool is Young entrepreneur from South Kashmiri’s Pampore Puwama deals with the Decorative wall frame, Gift items and Toys; associated with serious business at a young age of 16. The name of his Store Is “Mir Arts and Gallery Location: Pampore Kashmire Srinagar”.

He is  a young entrepreneur and Kashmir’s 16 years old and is currently a commerce student of class 11th. He is presently studying at S P Higher Secondary School.

Mir Israr recently started his own business of selling Decorative wall frame, Gift item and Toys selling business. Mir Israr’s hardwork is breaking age barriers as he is still in his teens. He is one of the very few young entrepreneurs from srinagar.

Reflecting on his decision to take up such an ardorous and challenging task israr said “It was very difficult to start my own business but with the help of Almighty Allah I took a leap of faith. My plan is to maintain business and develop my entrepreneur skills as I grow in years and experience. I believe it isn’t a self centered enterprise that I am plunging into as what I am work towards can give more people jobs and help my society fight unemployment. This way they can realise their full potential rather than wait for an external validation for their talent. “

Undoubtedly, selling  decorative wall frames, gift items and toy selling business is one among the simplest small busines ideas to start out in Kashmir with.An honest performing business that involves decorative wall frames, gift items and toys makes a mean net income of 20% on its daily sales, and 80% of those who get into this business gets financial freedom at the young age.

Israr worked hard and moved out and around, but his heart remained stuck to his motherland Kashmir.
He believed his passionate intensity to bring about a change would change the thinking of people especially of the young people in Kashmir, where mere academics is often the only priority. Now, with his considerable success he has proved with skills and conviction you can do anything and can earn accolades. He further adds ‘Degrees don’t matter for me. I wish to see change, to see people believe in themselves and the end number of things they are capable of. “

Mir Israr joined Kashmir Youth Web as a member and initiates various programmes on social causes and issues. He organizes events and programmes in collaboration with Irfaan Attari in the valley for the public cause with a motto to provide benefits to the people and make society free from numerous social evils like drug abuse.

Israr also has passion for creating videos and online content. He started creating videos on Tiktok in year 2018 but due to some reasons he stop doing that. Now he has begun creating videos on Instagram in the year 2021. He aspires to becoming a social media star, that will pave way for him being influential. He believes people would take him more seriously and he looks forward to being the voice for youth, that denies drugs and depression and is evolved enough to work towards the betterment of self and society both,he tweets at tweeter: iasrarrahmad

Mudasir Maqbool is Kashmir based Journalist Covering Tourism, Sports, Environment,Defense, Politics Un hidden talent and current affairs for mainstream media.He has PG in Journalism and is also doing Activism.He tweets at @MudasirJourno.

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