55 Rashtriya Rifles Organised Competition event “RUBARU” at Pulwama

Pulwama 28 Oct : Today 55 Rashtriya Rifles of Indian Army organized a competition event in the name of ‘RUBARU’  2021 in collaboration with Noorani Paramedical Traning Institute in South Kashmir, Pulwama.

The topics on the event was Gender equality, Health care system, Basic sensitization, Social Media, Education system, women safety etc.

Students almost 150/170  from different paramedical colleges participated in this event and were fully prepared to join this event.

The dignitaries on the event was Medical Superintendent of Pulwama M.S.Tulla who was Cheif Guest of this event and Renowned doctor Mohd Yousuf Tak.

The Medical Superintendent of Pulwama address to the participants appreciated their success and intelligence of students.

Yousuf Tak praised the institute for organizing such kind of event especially choosing important topics like drug de-addiction and women empowerment which will prove beneficial for our youth.

At the end of the event, the winners of the competition were honoured with trophies and Medals.

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